Thursday, April 28, 2011

You've Got Mail

The mailman and I have a sticky note relationship.

You see, {if I must confess} the flag on my mailbox has been broken for some time. Like, a year?! I actually think I accidentally threw it away one day and have yet to replace it. Honestly, I'm not going to replace it because I think that means having to replace the entire box?? (Help is welcomed here.)

So, Don {the mailman} and I have gotten to know each other because of my laziness- through sticky notes. Those that are close to me believe that he has a crush on me, probably because he's given me a hug before, has come in the house to ask purposeful random questions about my car because he now owns one too, is concerned about my recovery, asks questions about my parents' yard/sprinkler system, and always, always, ALWAYS responds to my sticky note requests.

Today, I watched through the window (somewhat hiding behind the tv so he couldn't see) as he took a letter and a package {as the note suggests} out of the mailbox, remove his pen from his shirt, and scribble what you see in the bottom left corner, "J, no prob. Don." I had to laugh because if the items are gone, I know he has taken them.

But still, it's nice to have something other than bills or advertisements in the mailbox, so I think I'll continue our sticky note relationship.

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