Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!!

To be quite frank, wholesaling in the rain sucks!

I first met up with this wonderful cool front Monday, April 4th, as it made it's way across south Texas.

The upside? It knocked out the humidity- great for the hair.

The downside? It shook all of the lovely pollens I'm allergic to from the trees to agitate me at free will.

I met up again with this storm yesterday as I landed in Houston. It seemed the storm was a fast mover, making it's way to the East, but not fast enough to make it past Florida. So I sat in the Houston airport with a 3.5 hour delayed flight. Just sitting. Watching. Waiting. Sitting some more.

This morning, we met again. About 7:45am as I made my way to my first appointment. The skies opened up and a frog strangler ensued.

Like any normal person who travels here, there, and everywhere, living out of a suitcase, and a hotel, I do not have an umbrella handy. So I make my way from meeting to meeting, running with only the necessities in hand- advisor sales profile, my pen, markers, and literature.

I only could stand getting soaked twice so after my second meeting, I made my way into the nearst Target to get an umbrella. A very cute, colorful umbrella I might add.

No sooner did I get in my car to go get lunch, it stops raining. It stops raining after my suit jacket is damp, pants have raindrop spots on them, my shoes are soaking wet, and my toes look like raisins...not to mention, they were freezing!

Wholesaling in the rain....isn't all that fun when you don't have an umbrella. But I have an umbrella now!

On a lighter note, I was given 2,000 additional Marriott Rewards points because of a blown circuit in my room this morning! I saw what I think was a flamingo? Some random, very pink bird, standing in the water runoff picking away at food. The weather here in Tampa is perfect...now. And I'm on my way to eat at Tampa Bay Brewing Company!

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