Monday, May 14, 2012

Pickle Making {in pictures}

 Washing of the cucumbers, by hose, in the front yard.

The simple ingredients that make {in my opinion} the worlds best snack!

 Some of us like 'em hot, so this one has a jalapeno for heat!

 This is the worst part of the job, stuffing cucumbers in the jars like puzzle pieces.

 About as good as they're gonna get packed.

Sunshine Pickle recipe, trying something new this year.

Pour the water, salt, vinegar mixture over the cucumbers.

Seal the lids by water bath.

And now they are sitting in the sun for the next 14 days.  I'll be sure to let you know how they taste, or you just might be a lucky recipient of a jar!

And because I *absolutely* love my new cabinets my uncle made for me, I decided to share them with you.  They are newly decorated and still a work in progress- watch out Hobby Lobby!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Ava!

There are times in our lives when time seems to drag... and drag... and drag.

Then there are those times, usually when you want them to drag, that just fly by.  

Today, is my sweet niece Ava's 1st birthday!  I can't believe how time has just flown! 

Happy Birthday baby girl!  I love you more than words can describe!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ring, Ring.... It's Nairobi Calling

It's been five months since I've returned from Kenya, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of the people there.  The same people that I've come to love as my own family.

This mornings routine was much different that it usually is.  You see, once the alarm goes off, usually I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for the day.  But this morning, I was more worried about uploading the new music I downloaded (man, I sound like a nerd) to my iPod from the computer. This means that I had to go into the office/spare bedroom which is definitely not on my list of priorities.

To my surprise, I had TWO missed calls from David Kariuki on Skype.  David is the social worker that we first met when we went to Tumaini in 2010 and lived at the home.  He had tried once at 4:30am, and again about 5:30am.  The best part about missing his calls: HE WAS STILL ON SKYPE!!  So I quickly called him and he answered. 

We talked about the recent happenings with him, his family, Isaac, and Tumaini.  Everyone is doing well. All except for Isaac.  He's back on the streets again.  This is now the 5th time in a years timeframe that he's gone back to the streets.  David said that he just saw him yesterday and that he had a bandage on his head.  He ran before David could question him about it but he was sure he was either beaten or had fallen and hit his head while he was high.  My heart breaks for that boy.  I wish he could understand that life is so much better in a home, but the people there do not understand him or the life that he's lived.  I pray that when I go back, that I might see him.  Just to talk to him, hug him, and let him know that there are people halfway around the world that love him dearly.  I pray God keeps him safe until then.