Friday, December 23, 2011

Lessons Learned

Our time here in Kenya is coming to a close and I have learned many things from these wonderful people. They are lessons that we American's should take note of and incorporate in our homes and with our families.

1. Always greet someone when they approach you
2. Take time to welcome a visitor in your home, even when they come unannounced, and serve them
3. A visitor is just that- a visitor. They are not to get things for themselves, you should serve them
4. On day 2, you are no longer a visitor and can share in the house chores
5. Always offer tea and something to eat to your visitors
6. Hug and love one another as if you were family
7. Put the needs of someone else in front of your own needs
8. Lend a helping hand if you are physically able to
9. Share what you have- bread, tea, sweeties, jacket
10. Most importantly, you may not have a lot, but love one another....always, and be proud of who you are.

I love these people and feel like I am part of them. I know they feel I am part of them too. Mum gave me the name Makenna last year when I was on this trip. It means "loving woman" and I surely have a lot of love to give them. I feel like I am part American and part Kenyan. Until I am back with them again, I will be loving them and thinking about them everyday.

Other lessons worth noting:

The Kenyan sun is very hot and I am allergic to my sunscreen. Putting sunscreen on my face and neck has caused hives on my face that have been there for 2 days. My face is fried because the sun is still hot and not having sunscreen on is not a good thing.

Showers will be freezing cold when the power goes out and the bathroom will get very dark.

When milking a cow, make sure you jab up before you pull down to get the milk.

Things here don't taste good, they are "so nice."

You will never meet a stranger.

Muzungu's are very interesting to Kenyan's, especially if they have never seen one.

Physical labor is the only work these people know.

Taking tea is a must, at least 2 times a day.

"So smart" means you look very pretty.

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