Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not that I'm counting....

135 days until we {my dad and I} are back in Kenya

83 anxious children to give our love to

28 total hours of flying time

10 blissful days to spend there

3 plane rides from the US to Kenya

2 suitcases to load down with goodies

1 fundraising project to tackle

I'm excited that this trip will take us through London instead of Dubai. I always love seeing different places, even if it's from the safety of the airport. We will depart San Antonio on December 15th at 12:40 pm and arrive in Nairobi at 9:30pm on December 16th. I can hardly contain the excitement that I have! We will be returning Christmas day at 4:50pm and will be able to join our family for Christmas festivities.

I am not excited about flying American Airlines there, though. The are, by far, the WORST airline that I've ever traveled. Here's to hoping they are more accommodating, excited, and helpful on international flights than they are on domestic flights.

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