Monday, June 4, 2012

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Email sent to Carla, our church secretary, on May 15, 2012

Hi Carla!

I hope this email finds you doing well.  I'm coming to you for some direction on an idea that I have regarding fundraising for my next trip to Africa. 

I already have people wanting to make monetary contributions towards my next trip to Kenya at the end of this year.  The idea that I have is, if these people make the checks payable to me, they don't get an tax advantages because I am not a non-profit organization.  Could and would First Lutheran Church be able to or interested in accepting these donations on my behalf?  A couple of reasons for this question...first, any people that contribute would have a taxable deduction at tax time.  Secondly, the company I work for will match any associate donations 2:1.  For example, if I contribute $1 to a non-profit organization, they will send an additional $2. 

Do you know the answers to these questions or is there someone that I can ask/meet with?  Any help you can provide would be beneficial!

Thank you,

Jordan Bremerman

Response from Mrs. Moczygemba, Treasurer of the Church Council

  Please let me know if you get this e-mail.  I sent you an e-mail last week, but may not have sent it to the right address.
The Council of FLC would be glad to help you with your next trip to Keyna.  We have a fund set up for anyone who
would like to make donations.  Anyone can send a check to the Church and just put a designation on the check that
it is for your trip to Africa. We would cut you a check shortly before you leave on your trip.  We are all extremely proud
of you and your willingness to spread God's word to the far corners of the earth!! In fact, I am somewhat jealous that you
have caught the meaning of discipleship at such a young age.  It has taken me a life time to learn what your already know!!
Keep in touch and all the best.  Patty Moczygemba

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