Monday, October 31, 2011

By the Numbers...

To date we have:

7 generous, helping, god-fearing people who've helped us raise

$560 in the fundraising account,

4 small children working on decorating

91 gift bags,

23 pairs of funky colored socks that'll fit in perfectly in Africa,

40 paint by number booklets,

100 colors of faith necklaces ordered for a bible study,

3 spools of yarn to make "God's Eye's,"

40 wooden model tractor kits,

4 weeks left in our church "Sock Drive" project,

7 days until I see Carla in Tampa and stand in awe of the amount of work she's done to help us,

7.5 weeks until we are on our way to share your gifts with these children!

I cannot wait!

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