Monday, October 24, 2011

Being Blessed

You hear people many times use the word "blessed" to describe themselves. I have even heard people use it in response to, "how are you?" I don't think I've ever used the word to describe myself or as a response, but I'm here to tell you today that I am MORE THAN BLESSED!

I've never done a fundraiser before, and to tell you the truth, I was hesitant about asking people for money. I find that ironic because I ask for the order in my everyday job, more than once a day. But this is different. I thought up the idea of the Tumaini Children's Home Christmas Project in order to raise funds to purchase socks for the 91 children in Kinagop, Kenya. I had no idea how successful we'd be, but thought we'd end up with more than what we started with which was $0.

I'm am extremely blessed and humbled to know that I surround myself with some of the most giving, selfless, God fearing people on this planet. My friends have given of themselves in more ways than I could imagine. I am beyond blessed! Thank you to those of you who have donated to us so far! I am excited to share my experiences with you!

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