Monday, September 12, 2011

Not Me Monday!

I did not wake up this morning thinking, "what the hell was I thinking?" as I could barely walk from my first Crossfit workout yesterday. Nope, not me!

After my continuing education course, I did not walk into Discount Tire to have my tires balanced, stand in line for 5 minutes and then turn around and walk out. Absolutely not. I have all the patience in the world and my tires need to be balanced in the worst way.

I would never consider eating a bean and cheese taco for lunch. That would not be very healthy and I'd never be a junk food eater- definitely not me!

And finally, I would never consider taking a nap instead of taking Niko to the vet to have his shots or gathering clothes for the garage sale that is going to be at my house on October 1st...not me!

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