Thursday, December 13, 2012


I'm engaged!

To the love of my life!
To the man who knows me better than most of my friends do.
To someone who is my best friend.
He's seen me cry and makes me laugh.
He's been through my up's and comforts me through my downs.
He thinks I'm his princess and treats me as one.
He opens doors for me and kisses me goodnight.
He's always finding ways to help.
To the man who is a real life cowboy, but cleans up very nicely when it's date night.
The man who'll eat anything fried and then blame me for his few extra pounds.
Takes me dancing and is the holder of "my shit."
To the man who is a true romantic and knows it's the little things that matter most.
He cuddles up to me on cold nights and holds my hand while we sleep.
He loves my family and has a nickname for each of them.
Calls my best friend Prim, my sister "sister", my mama, "mama", and my dad, "big c."
He's never met a stranger and shows true class in all situations.
To the man that kisses me on the forehead and will make a zillion trips to the store with me.
I take him to Hobby Lobby, he takes me to Tandy's Leather.

I'm engaged to the man that God made for me and I'm incredibly blessed to be his wife!
Here's to us and our wonderful life together.  
Life is GOOD!


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