Friday, July 8, 2011

21 Days on the Road

So you wonder why I haven't been blogging?

You wonder why I only have posted "What I've Been Up To's?"

You wonder where I've been?

I've been traveling my little butt off.

Mostly to the great (but not as great as Texas) state of Florida.

I've been all over that long state- from Fort Lauderdale to Stuart (where I got a speeding ticket), from St. Petersburg to Palm Harbor and finally


That's right, I spent the 4th in Key West Florida.

If you've never been to Key West, you should definitely go!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but to sum up the trip,

1. stayed at the best bed & breakfast- The Cypress House

2. Made some awesome friends

3. Went to a drag show

4. Spent time at a "clothes optional" bar where my clothes did not come off

5. Toured the island on a scooter, eh

6. Was at the southermost point of the United States and got a picture of random people in front of the sign, not my own picture

7. Toured Mel Fishers Treasure Museum

8. Marveled at the beauty butterflies have at the butterfly conservatory

9. Ate a world famous chili dog at the world famous Hogs Breath Saloon

10. Had the best lobster bisque at Hogsfish restaurant

11. Did the elbow trick to strangers on the street

12. Had the best 4th I've ever had!

Happy Birthday America!
I had fun celebrating your birth Key West style!!

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