Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Agnese 508 Girls

It's been 8 years since we've lived with each other in the dorms of Incarnate Word- Agnese 508. It's been 4 years since we've seen each other.

Megan, Meredith, Amy, and Jordan.

I think it's about time we got together for dinner, don't you? Us too, but it's just not that easy anymore. You see, a while back, Megan was cleaning out her closet- literally- and found a jenga game that we used to play. The block that she found was a "homemade" block and read, "the person with the most unique underwear on doesn't have to drink." That block started the planning process of us getting together- on April 18th. You'd think that three 27 year olds, and one 26 year old wouldn't have that much going on, but today was the only day we could get together. What a blessing they are to me.

Amy- you haven't changed one bit...well, except your hair is shorter. When I think of you, I think of several things: sign language, falling asleep with the tv on, chuck taylors, super curly hair, very sweet and considerate. It's amazing that after 8 years you are just as caring as you were when we were in college. It doesn't surprise me that you are a nurse to the elderly. You've got a heart the size of Texas and a lot of love to give. Your smile makes me smile.

Meredith- as beautiful today as you've always been. The same caring, loving person that I invited over for Thanksgiving when your family went on vacation many years ago. It does not surprise me that you've become a wonderful mama to a beautiful little girl (about to be 2). You are passionate about being a wife to Chris and teach us how to be the same to the ones we love. You will be a wonderful teacher to your girls, and they will be as beautiful as you are- inside and out. Those long eye lashes and colored eyes- your girls will be heart breakers. We just need to keep them out of the trouble we got into while we were in college. There are many stories that we could tell that would make us blush, but we'll leave those to memories. I am confident your children will be as smart as you, especially with you as their teacher. It is such a blessing to call you a friend and I look forward to the day that our children will refer to each other as friends as well.

Megan- my best friend! Why we are friends only God knows. We've lived 7 miles apart our entire lives, but it took an elevator ride at UIW for us to meet. I think you'd agree that we couldn't be more different from one another, but for some reason that works for us. We've been through so much together and there isn't much time that goes by that we don't talk. I lean on you for things, you lean on me. You're always good for a laugh and every time I see your name on my phone, I'm sure you're calling to tell me about something crazy that's happened to you. You're my pussycat. How many people can call their best friend "pussycat?" I think that nickname came from some random bar we hung out at one night. It's always good to see your bedazzled, blinging self. I love you like a sister- always have, and always will. We'll be the ones living together when we're old, still kicking a bouncy ball at each other in our room and laughing until we pee our pants, or burn ear wax candles. You've grown so much in the last handful of years and I'm proud of the person you were, are, and have become.

Girls, God was smiling on us today as we smiled together. Until we can do it again, I'll be missing you!

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